Is Your Smile Wedding Day Ready?

Close Up of Young Couple SmilingCongratulations on your engagement! Now it is time to start planning for your big day. We know that dress shopping, flowers and finding a wedding venue is on your to-do list, but don’t forget about your smile. You’ll be in front of your favorite people and left with a lifetime of photographs from this memorable day. There’s really no better time to better your smile! After all, nothing taints a beautiful wedding more than a bride or groom trying to hide their smile due to unsightly teeth.
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Alternatives to Traditional Flossing

Flossing is an essential part of your dental hygiene routine. In fact, without flossing in between your teeth each day, you would leave nearly 35% of your tooth’s structure unclean. This gives bacteria, plaque and food debris a chance to accumulate and cause infection and disease within your teeth and gums. Still, there are many people who skip this critical dental care task. For some, it is because the act of flossing is too difficult or frustrating. Continue reading

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Could The Swimming Pool Affect Your Smile?

Family Underwater in Swimming Pool New York, NYExtra splashes in the swimming pool can certainly put a smile on your face. But have you ever considered the effects that chlorine can have on your teeth? Whether you are an athletic swimmer or a recreational splasher, spending more than six hours in the pool each week can lead to more than green hair and itchy skin. Frequent exposure to chlorinated water may also cause dental damage.

Enamel erosion is the major concern when it comes to swimming and your smile. While the chemicals in pool water are effective in killing harmful bacteria, they can also lead to enamel loss and stains across your teeth. In fact, “swimmer’s calculus” is the term used to describe brown deposits of tartar that develop on the teeth of those who spend significant amounts of time in the pool. Continue reading

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Reasons You May Be Anxious About the Dentist

Woman Asleep in a Dentist Chair New York NYIt is not uncommon for patients to dread an upcoming dental visit, but many also feel notable anxiety or fear about seeing the dentist. Unfortunately, professional dental care is non-negotiable if you want to retain a healthy and lasting smile. That’s why it is important to recognize the source of your anxiety and let a dentist create a comfortable and relaxed experience for you. Modern dentistry offers a number of techniques to help patients feel at ease while in the dental chair, including sedation dentistry, less invasive treatments, advanced technology and comfort amenities that make you feel like you are at home instead of a sterile, uptight dental office. Continue reading

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What You Should Know About Denture Relines

Modern dentures have come a long way in terms of replicating the look, feel and function of natural teeth. However, if you are choosing traditional dentures (those not anchored by implants), then you will still have certain maintenance tasks to complete in order to retain a comfortable denture fit. One of these requirements is called a denture reline.

A denture reline must be completed by your dentist. It is performed when you begin to lose stability in your denture and/or you find that food is getting trapped underneath your prosthetic teeth. A reline is a process to help you regain the ideal and secure fit you once had. It involves placing a new acrylic based into the denture to account for changing tissues of your gums and mouth. A denture reline can take on various forms depending on your needs, such as a direct reline, processed reline, soft reline and temporary reline. The goal of any type of denture reline is to restore comfort and stability. Continue reading

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Common Tooth Brushing Mistakes

Toothpaste Being Applied on a Toothbrush New York NYIf you are like most, brushing your teeth every day is like getting dressed or tying your shoes. But what if you’ve been doing it wrong all these years? Just because you have deep experience in brushing your teeth doesn’t mean you’ve necessarily been doing it in the best or correct way.

Here are some common mistakes people make when it comes to brushing. Are you guilty? Continue reading

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Could Menopause Affect Your Dental Health?

Mature Woman with Menopause Smiling New York, NY While not a welcome experience, a woman undergoes a distinct transition in hormones around the age of 45 that is known as menopause. Menopause marks the end of menstrual cycles for females. However, the drastic changes in hormone levels as the body transitions can cause a host of unwanted symptoms, including those that affect the mouth. Any fluctuations in hormones, such as during puberty or pregnancy, can affect the gums and soft tissues that support your teeth. However, menopause can bring on more permanent changes so it is important to pay attention. The condition of your gums has a substantial effect on your oral health as well as your body health.
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4 Reasons to Put That Crown On

Male Patient in Dentist Chair New York, NY Crowns are often associated with royalty and fame. This refers to the gold or decorated adornment placed on your head. However, there is another type of crown that only your dentist can award. While dental crowns are used as a way to repair a damaged tooth, they can still represent the beauty and confidence that “real crowns” do.

A dental crown, often called a custom or cosmetic crown, is a special cap that is placed on a damaged or decayed tooth. It covers all visible surfaces of the tooth and helps the tooth regain a natural appearance, comfortable function and ideal health. Without a crown, the tooth’s integrity may be too compromised to perform its duties without pain or even stay in place. A crown can save the day for a damaged and dying tooth! Continue reading

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6 Reasons Your Tooth is Hurting

Woman in Dentist Chair with Tooth Pain New York NYTooth pain, more commonly referred to as a toothache, is one of the most underrated and disruptive types of discomfort. While toothaches can vary in severity, they can make it difficult to eat, sleep or even concentrate until the pain goes away. Unfortunately, toothaches rarely go away on their own so you are only hurting yourself (and possibly your wallet) if you neglect or put off going to the dentist.

Regardless of your age or which tooth is affected, tooth pain treatment should be based on its cause. Proper dental x-rays and a trained dentist can accurately determine the reason for your toothache, but here are seven of the most common reasons that your smile may be crying out for help: Continue reading

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Can A Loose Tooth Be Saved?

Patient in Chair with Dental Hygienist New York, NYWhile children get excited about a loose or “wiggly” tooth, adults don’t have the same response. Your adult or permanent teeth are the only set you get for the rest of your life. Therefore, it is understandable that a loose tooth as an adult can trigger fear and anxiety that the tooth is going to be lost for good. Fortunately, if you act promptly, your dentist may be able to salvage your loose tooth. If your tooth cannot be saved, don’t worry. Most patients qualify for a replacement tooth in the form of an implant or bridge. Continue reading

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