Should You Replace Your Silver Fillings?

If you are an adult that has had one or more silver fillings as a child, you may be interested in a safe, more esthetically attractive solution. There is no denying that a dentist must use a filling of some sort to fill the space in your tooth after decay has been removed. For years, this was done with the use of silver, or amalgam, fillings. Unfortunately, silver fillings carry many drawbacks compared to today’s more popular approach that involves using tooth-colored, composite fillings when you have a cavity.

Do you have a silver filling that has blackened? Unfortunately, this may have occurred because your amalgam has leaked or corroded over the years. Silver fillings are not as airtight as composite fillings, which are made out of a porcelain type material that holds a strong, tight bond to your teeth. The best part about choosing composite fillings is that you will not have to worry with your filling being noticeable. They are made to match your tooth color so you can enjoy a natural appearance even after a cavity is filled.

There is great debate over the fact that amalgam fillings do consist of about 50% mercury (the other half being a combination of silver, tin and copper). There has been concern about the possible harmful mercury content in silver fillings, despite the fact that the FDA and National Institutes of Health (NIH) stated that “the current data is insufficient to support an association between mercury release from amalgams and the various complaints that have been attributed to this restorative material”. However, if you are still uneasy and want to play it safe, the composite tooth-colored fillings do not have any potential health risks associated.

To those of you who do have existing silver fillings, the good news is that you can have them easily replaced with tooth-colored fillings at your next dental appointment. Park South Dentistry offers top quality care in general, restorative and cosmetic dentistry, including the service of tooth-colored filling or amalgam replacements. You deserve to be confident in your smile, even after a dental filling.

Posted on behalf of Dr. David Janash, Park South Dentistry


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