Is Your Smile Wedding Day Ready?

Young Couple SmilingAre you engaged to be married? Congratulations! Your mind is likely swarming with decisions and tasks that need to get done before your big day. However, as you select your venue and nail down your florist, don’t forget about the appearance of your smile. Dental aesthetics are a common concern for many brides (and grooms). Not only do you want to look beautiful on your special day, but you’ll be staring at pictures of your wedding for years to come. What would help you smile more confidently as you walk down the aisle?

Thanks to advancements in cosmetic dentistry, your smile can be as perfect as you want it to be! Whether you are getting married in a several days or several months, there are cosmetic dental treatments that can address a wide range of aesthetic concerns at various budgets and timeframes. Depending on your unique needs and concerns, here are a few options to choose from:

Teeth Whitening – You can whiten your teeth more effectively with professional grade systems. Choose from quick, in-office treatments or custom at-home whitening to add brilliance and beauty to the shade of your smile!

Cosmetic Bonding – This is a perfect solution for minor imperfections, such as a small tooth gap, chipped tooth, stained tooth or slight unevenness. Bonding only takes a brief and painless dental visit, and the cost is generally more affordable than other cosmetic treatments.

Porcelain Veneers – If you are looking for a more dramatic smile makeover, cosmetic veneers may be your answer. You’ll need to allow a little more time for this option, but you can gain instant improvement to teeth that are broken, gapped, misaligned, or otherwise unsightly. Veneers cover up imperfections on the front teeth only. Only two office visits are typically needed.

Say “I Do” With Confidence

Every person is unique. You may have flaws within your smile that are barely noticeable to others, yet they are the only thing you see when you look in the mirror. If it bothers you, it’s okay to want to correct it. After all, you should feel confident and beautiful on your wedding day, and there’s no reason why the appearance of your teeth should hold you back.

If you are interested in gaining a beautiful, white and balanced smile before your wedding day, please call Park South Dentistry. We proudly offer a full menu of cosmetic dental treatments using the latest techniques and technology available. Beyond veneers, whitening and bonding, we can also provide crowns, implants, Invisalign, gum contouring treatments and other methods of improvement.

Posted on behalf of Dr. David Janash, Park South Dentistry
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