Teeth Whitening: Worth the Trip to the Dentist

We all long for that bright white Hollywood smile. We get desperate and convince ourselves that the over the counter whitening products we see advertised in the media will surely give us that blinding white smile and save us money. But is this really the best option for your health and will it give you the lasting results you desire?

Although you can probably find a whole shelf of teeth whitening products at your drugstore with an average cost of only $20, you should proceed with caution in trying just any cheap whitening remedy. After all, you are putting these products in your mouth. Many of the supermarket whitening kits are not tested or proven by an actual dentist. Bleaches and chemicals in home remedies and over the counter whitening products can even cause unwanted reactions, especially if accidentally swallowed. Furthermore, do not be surprised to find that the main ingredient in most of these products is something you might already have at home, hydrogen peroxide.

Seeing your dentist for professional teeth whitening can ensure you are not only getting the safest teeth whitening option, but it is usually the only successful way to whiten your teeth if you have “intrinsic” stains. In other words, if you have stains that have penetrated into the enamel of your teeth, you may need a professional whitening service to get deep enough to truly give you the results you desire. Intrinsic stains usually occur after years of consuming highly pigmented foods or beverages. So if you have been a morning coffee drinker for years like most of us, there is a good chance you have intrinsic stains that need professional whitening from your dentist.

Think again before you spend your time and money on ineffective or unsafe over the counter whitening products. Instead, treat your smile to a bright white upgrade with a professional whitening system from Park South Dentistry.

Posted on behalf of Dr. David Janash, Park South Dentistry


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