What You Should Know About Denture Relines

Modern dentures have come a long way in terms of replicating the look, feel and function of natural teeth. However, if you are choosing traditional dentures (those not anchored by implants), then you will still have certain maintenance tasks to complete in order to retain a comfortable denture fit. One of these requirements is called a denture reline.

A denture reline must be completed by your dentist. It is performed when you begin to lose stability in your denture and/or you find that food is getting trapped underneath your prosthetic teeth. A reline is a process to help you regain the ideal and secure fit you once had. It involves placing a new acrylic based into the denture to account for changing tissues of your gums and mouth. A denture reline can take on various forms depending on your needs, such as a direct reline, processed reline, soft reline and temporary reline. The goal of any type of denture reline is to restore comfort and stability.

Why Do Patients Need Denture Relines

A denture that gradually starts slipping or falling out of place is typically a response to changing gum tissues or gum resorption. Even the slightest change in the alveolar ridge can alter the way your dentures fit. Gum resorption can be a natural response to aging, but it can also be accelerated when teeth are missing. When there is no tooth root to stimulate the underlying jaw bone, the bone will shrink or lose density, which in turn affects the shape of the gum ridge and tissues.

In general, the following factors can be a reason that you may need a denture reline:

  • Age and condition of the denture
  • Infection in the area
  • Absorbing bone in the jaw
  • Water retention
  • Weight gain or loss

How Often is a Denture Reline Necessary?

Any time your denture fails to provide comfort and stability, you should ask your dentist if a reline is in order. However, it is often recommended get a denture reline once every 2 to 3 years, as this is a common time frame for bite and tissue changes to occur. Keep in mind that neglecting denture relines can cause your denture to lose retention enough to require a brand new denture. It can also make your dentures wear down prematurely and accelerate bone and tissue loss within your mouth.

Have you noticed changes in the way your dentures fit? Call Park South Dentistry. We can offer the denture maintenance you need for a confident smile. If you’d like to avoid the need for relines altogether, ask us about implant-supported dentures!

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