A Dental Emergency During Vacation

As the summer kicks off and you begin to plan for family vacation, don’t forget to prepare yourself for a dental problem or dental emergency while you’re away. Although dental emergencies are not often predictable, you can still equip yourself to handle the dental problem effectively. After all, who wants a dental problem ruining a nice summer vacation?

An essential tip for preventing a dental problem while you’re away is to visit your dentist before you go, particularly if you’ve skipped your last dental checkup. Most dental problems happen gradually. Therefore, a dentist may be able to detect early stages or warning signs of a potential dental complication on the horizon and treat it before you head out of town.

It is also a great idea to pack a dental emergency kit. Inside should include a toothbrush, toothpaste and floss of course. In addition, oral and topical pain relievers are a great idea (avoid using aspirin a topical pain reliever for a toothache, as it can damage your gum tissue). Go ahead and toss in a mouthguard as well. If you have vacation plans that include sporting events or other high adventure activities, you can prevent some very detrimental dental trauma and mouth-related accidents by protecting your teeth under a mouth guard. Lastly, always bring your dentist’s contact info. Park South Dentistry is pleased to answer your call during a dental emergency, even if you are out of town. We can walk you through the necessary steps to take until you get professional treatment.

Perhaps one of the most important ways you can prepare yourself to handle a dental emergency is through knowledge alone. Equip yourself by learning how to deal with common dental problems and emergencies. For example, if your tooth gets chipped, broken or knocked out, try your best to keep the pieces or tooth in milk or salt water until you get emergency care to increase the chances of saving it. If you’ve lost a filling, grab a wad of sugarless gum to stick in its place until a dentist can see you.

Park South Dentistry hopes that dental problems do not find their way into your vacation plans this summer. However, keeping yourself prepared and educated can dramatically impact the end result of a dental emergency in your family.

Posted on behalf of Dr. David Janash, Park South Dentistry

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