Bite Down on Headaches

Could your bite be causing your headache? If you suffer from chronic headaches, you have likely gone through many bottles of aspirin and other headache remedies. A nagging headache can dramatically affect your quality of life without effective treatment. You may even be frustrated at your doctor’s failed attempts at headache treatments. But have you considered making an appointment with your dentist? You may be engaging in daily oral heath habits that trigger your headaches. There are a surprising number of patients whose chronic headaches stem from problems in their bite. Despite the obvious close proximity of your head and jaw, a poor alignment or a misaligned bite can press on joint nerves and cause headaches. If this is the case, you will not find true relief until you take care of the source. Start with a consultation with your dentist if you suffer from recurring or nagging headaches.

Your dentist can help determine if your tension headaches are caused by teeth clenching, a TMD/TMJ condition or a misaligned bite. All of these dental problems produce referred pain in your head. There are a number of treatment options from your dentist such as a custom mouth guard to prevent clenching and grinding and quality TMD treatment plans. Park South Dentistry is a leading provider of drug-free headache prevention in New York. By correcting your dental problems, you may finally discover headache relief – without medicine!

Headaches are the number one pain problems in the United States. Therefore, evaluating all the possible causes, including dental-related problems, is worth it for the potential for a life without headaches.

Posted on behalf of Dr. David Janash, Park South Dentistry


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