Dental Health As You Age

Dental health is important at every age. Although you may be faced with different challenges as a senior adult than you were as a child, keeping up with your oral hygiene is extremely important. In fact, there are specific factors that can threaten your oral health more as a senior adult than any other age. In order to take the proper preventative measures, you must first educate yourself on what those dental health risks are.

As you get older, the risk for gum disease will become greater. Since gum disease is the leading cause of tooth loss, taking notice of the risk factors can prevent tooth replacement procedures in your future. Women with osteoporosis are known to be at an even greater risk for gum disease. Research studies show a link between signs of periodontal disease and underlying osteoporosis.

Dry mouth is another common oral health concern among older adults. It can be caused by specific medications or other health conditions. Always tell your dentist if you suffer from dry mouth. Dry mouth makes patients more susceptible to gum disease and an adequate saliva supply in your mouth is essential to fight cavity-causing bacteria and neutralizing acids. A dentist can recommend ways to fight dry mouth and encourage the extra steps you may need to take to prevent dental health problems.

As far as esthetics, you may notice receding gums and yellowing of your teeth. These are both part of the normal and natural aging process. However, disciplined daily flossing will need to be put into action so that you slow the recession and promote healthy gums. For reversing the dull color of your teeth, professional tooth whitening is effective through all stages of adulthood.

With a loss in dexterity and even strength, brushing and flossing may become more difficult as you age. Remember there are several ways that technology helps us get an oral hygiene routine accomplished. Electronic toothbrushes and electronic flossers can be a life-changing tool to keep your teeth and gums healthy as you age. Most importantly, don’t skip your routine dental cleanings. A dentist can often catch early signs of oral health problems when you cannot. Park South Dentistry is committed to helping senior adults care for their teeth and combat the associated risk factors at their age.

Posted on behalf of Dr. David Janash, Park South Dentistry

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