Wisdom Teeth Removal: What To Expect

New York City NY Teeth ExtractionsWisdom teeth are known for causing more harm than good. Not only do they fail to add significant functional benefit, but these third set of molars also have a high likelihood of getting impacted, erupting sideways and causing other disruptions within in your smile. This is typically due to the fact that they just don’t have enough jaw space to emerge the correct way. Therefore, wisdom teeth removal is a common procedure for patients between the ages of 16 and 20. Whether you are having your wisdom teeth extracted due to infection or as a preventive measure, the procedure can be intimidating. Here’s what to expect so you can feel more at ease:

What to Expect
Depending on what your x-rays and exam reveal, you may need one or all four wisdom teeth removed. This will determine how long your appointment will be. It should be noted, however, that you’ll be kept comfortable the entire time, regardless of how long the procedure takes. You will decide in advance which type of sedation you’d prefer. At Park South Dentistry, we offer oral sedative pills as well as nitrous oxide (laughing gas).

Wisdom Teeth Extraction Procedure
Due to their location in the mouth and the larger structure of the molars, pulling wisdom teeth can be more challenging than removing other teeth. Your dentist will open up gum and bone tissue to access the third molar. It may be necessary to cut the tooth into pieces in order to remove it more easily. Rest assured that this process will not bring you additional discomfort. Sedation dentistry allows you to remain completely relaxed and un-phased by the work being performed.

Recovery After Having Wisdom Teeth Pulled
After your procedure is complete, you’ll be sent home with careful instructions to facilitate your healing and aid in a more comfortable recovery. If you had stitches, you may also be scheduled for a follow-up to have the stitches removed. In general, the following recommendations are given post-operatively for wisdom teeth extraction:

  • Eat soft foods
  • Don’t use a straw
  • Reduce swelling
  • Rest from school or work
  • Take pain medications as prescribed
  • Keep the surgical site clean

Have additional questions or concerns about your upcoming wisdom teeth removal? Give us a call at Park South Dentistry. We want you to be fully informed about your dental treatments so that you can feel confident in your care.

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