You Lost Your Crown, Now What?

Dentists New York NYCrowns are used as a cover or cap on a previously decayed or damaged tooth. Crowns are an excellent restorative dental procedure for a tooth that requires more restorative measures than a simple filling. Although crowns are made and fitted to last, it is not uncommon for patients to lose their crown. This may be a result of biting something too hard or your crown may break off because there was developing tooth decay underneath.

Most often than not, losing a crown is not considered a dental emergency. However, you should call your dentist to schedule an appointment sooner rather than later. If you are experiencing pain of any kind, call your dentist right away. Your pain or sensitivity may be due to the fact that your original tooth is now exposed to hot and cold foods and drinks. Remember your tooth is not as strong and protected as it once was with your crown, so be cautious of that as you wait to see your dentist for professional crown repair.

Believe it or not, there are some steps you can take at home until you are able to see your dentist. Always check with your dentist first, but you can actually temporarily replace the crown yourself to keep your tooth protected. Drug stores typically sell tooth “cement” that you can use to coat the inside of crown and place it back on the top of your tooth. Remember to clean your crown before you do so. If you cannot find tooth cement, petroleum jelly or denture adhesive can work to. Be sure to stick to a soft food diet while you wait to see your dentist as well.

It is very important that you do not rely on this at-home fix as your permanent solution. Only a dentist can permanently replace your crown. If your crown was knocked loose because of tooth decay, your dentist will need to address that first before your crown will fit properly. Park South Dentistry has a team of experienced restorative dentists who can replace lost crowns and ensure your smile is functioning and looking best at all times!

Posted on behalf of Dr. David Janash, Park South Dentistry

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