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Chipped Tooth Repair

Given its remarkable strength and durability, tooth enamel provides a protective shield against tooth decay and other daily uses such as biting, crunching and chewing. With this in mind, many are surprised to learn that tooth enamel can crack or chip, and while a chipped tooth may not warrant an immediate trip to the dentist, it is very important to let a dentist know right away. Not only is a chipped tooth prone to develop additional cracks and chips, the delicate layer of dentin beneath the enamel can begin to absorb bacteria, leading to tooth decay and infection.

Park South Dentistry is a premier dental practice providing prompt, personalized emergency dental care to those on the Upper East Side. Our practice features a full range of general & preventative, restorative and cosmetic dental care, including expert implant dentistry. From a dental filling to dental bonding, a dental crown, root canal therapy, dental veneer or implant, our professionals are uniquely positioned to provide chipped tooth repair that patients need when they need it. With extended hours on select days, including the first Saturday of every month, our philosophy is to provide same day appointments whenever possible.

Repairs to Cracked or Broken Teeth

With advancements in restorative and cosmetic dentistry, there are a variety of techniques used to repair cracked or broken teeth. In order to determine the best treatment option, dentists classify chipped teeth according to the following:

  • Crazed Lines – shallow, tiny cracks
  • Fractured Cusp – a break in a tooth’s chewing surface
  • Cracked Tooth – a crack extending from the chewing surface of a tooth to the root
  • Split Tooth – the result of a long-term cracked tooth which has distinct sections
  • Vertical Root Fracture – a crack extending from the root to the chewing surface of a tooth

Aside from assessing the type of damage to a tooth, dentists must consider the location of the tooth. For example, if a small portion of a back tooth chips away, a dental filling remains a reliable method of repairing a tooth. On the other hand, if a piece of a front tooth becomes chipped, dental bonding provides a more attractive repair, as tooth-colored resin is shaped to match the rest of the tooth. Also providing an appealing solution is a porcelain veneer, which is bonded to the entire surface of a front tooth.

In turn, if a large section of a back tooth breaks away, dentists may opt to perform root canal therapy (if decay or damage is close to the tooth’s root) before covering the tooth with a customized dental crown. Yet, when a crack or chip stretches below the gum line, a dental implant may be recommended to replace the entire tooth.

Without question, effective treatment for damaged teeth requires a personalized approach. Because the professionals at Park South Dentistry consider chipped or cracked teeth to be an emergency dental concern, we encourage patients to call us immediately upon realizing that their tooth has been damaged. By doing so, they can often avoid extensive repairs. Even so, in the event that a more invasive treatment is needed, our highly skilled dentists provide pain-free injections using the DentalVibe Injection Comfort System.

If you live in or around Central Park, including the Upper East Side of Manhattan, and you’re looking for an experienced team of dentists that are attentive and committed to personalized patient care, contact Park South Dentistry today.

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