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Custom Mouthguards & Nightguards New York, NY

Custom Athletic Mouthguards

If you are in need of a custom athletic mouthguard or a custom nightguard, you can turn to the experts at Park South Dentistry. As part of our preventative dental care services, our comprehensive dental practice makes high quality, custom-fitting mouthguards that can be worn to protect your teeth while you are participating in sports and other high contact activities. We also make custom nightguards that can be worn while you sleep to prevent you from clenching and/or grinding your teeth. Our mouthguards and nightguards, constructed specifically to fit your bite from the highest quality materials, are comfortable to wear and made to last.

Custom Nightguards

Park South Dentistry is pleased to provide custom nightguards and custom athletic mouthguards for the residents of the Upper East Side and the surrounding areas. If you participate in sports or other high contact activities, it is very important to wear a custom athletic mouthguard to protect your teeth from trauma. It is also important for children who participate in sports to wear a custom athletic mouthguard to protect their long-term oral health. Failure to wear a properly fitting athletic mouthguard can leave you at risk for tooth trauma and other dental health problems including tooth loss.

If you clench or grind your teeth at night while you sleep, you couldalso be causing damage to your teeth or contributing to other painful conditions like Temporomandibular Joint Disorders (TMD). A custom nightguard helps prevent you from clenching and/or grinding your teeth and can also protect your long-term oral health.

Our dentists have experience and expertise in fitting patients with custom mouthguards and nightguards. All of our mouthguards and nightguards are created in a state-of-the-art dental laboratory by experienced laboratory technicians. If you are in need of a custom mouthguard or nightguard, please contact our Mouthguards Specialists today to schedule an appointment. For your convenience, we offer both evening and Saturday appointments. Our office works with many PPO dental insurance plans and, as a courtesy, we will file and track dental insurance claims on your behalf. We also accept checks and credit card payments. We look forward to caring for your dental health.

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