Porcelain Crowns

Park South Dentistry is pleased to offer high quality porcelain crowns to the residents near Central Park and the surrounding areas.  A dental crown is a “cap” that is placed over a tooth to restore its shape, size and strength and/or to improve its appearance.  Once it is cemented into place, a crown fully encases the entire visible portion of a tooth that lies above the gum line.  This advanced restorative dental procedure can be used to strengthen a tooth that has been weakened by trauma or decay, or to cover a tooth that is severely misshapen or discolored.

Our dentist, Dr. David Janash, has completed extensive training in both restorative and cosmetic dental care.  Our dental practice uses only the finest materials to create crowns that are natural in appearance and made to last. Using this advanced restorative dental procedure, Dr. Janash has restored the form and function of smiles for countless New Yorkers and patients from around the world.

Fixed Dental Bridges

In addition to porcelain crowns, Park South Dentistry also provides porcelain fixed dental bridges.  A dental bridge is a dental restoration used to bridge the gap created by one or more missing teeth.  Made up of two crowns for the teeth on either side of the missing tooth or teeth, and a false tooth/teeth in between, a bridge can be attached to natural teeth or dental implants.  Park South Dentistry offers fixed dental bridges made of the highest quality materials, that are natural in appearance and made to last.

Cosmetic Dental Crowns

Our dental practice uses the latest dental technology to create cosmetic dental crowns and bridges to give you a natural and beautiful smile.  If you are in need of a porcelain crown or a fixed dental bridge, please contact our office today and schedule an appointment with Dr. David Janash. We are currently accepting new patients and welcome the opportunity to restore your smile.  For your convenience, we offer evening and Saturday appointments and accept some PPO dental insurances, check and credit card payments.  We are also available to handle dental emergencies.  We look forward to caring for your smile!


Based on 26 reviews

Rachel C.
I have been going to Park South Dentistry for the last few years and I can say that everyone in the office is extremely nice. The front desk staff are always super friendly and helpful, they make coming in a pleasure. The dental staff and dentists are also incredibly nice and make sure to take great care of their patients. If you have any questions or concerns, they are happy to explain and make you feel as comfortable as possible. I have never been a huge fan of going to the dentist and often come in nervous but I always leave happy and know that I had excellent dental treatment. It is a great office and I will be returning for as long as they will have me :-)
Dr. Janesh and Dr. Patel are amazing! This is the best dentist office I have ever been too, and I've been to several because I am very particular about my dental experience. Their staff is so warm, welcoming, accommodating, and knowledgeable. The dentists don't hurry you out of the seat, they actually take time to listen and explain the procedures and options. I've recommended 2 friends to them and they too love this office. I highly recommend Park South.
Clayton P.
Two years ago I moved to New York City from Iowa. My daughter recommended this dentistry. They have been extremely professional, caring, and fast. Teeth cleaning is a breeze. Cavities are taken care of quickly and well. I'm always amazed at how fast I'm out of the office, and I never feel rushed. Everyone is extremely helpful and personable and thorough, yet everything happens very quickly.
Kathy A.
Thus far the best staff I have ever encountered! And Dr Janash is a blessing! Simi & Eseeda answered all of my insurance questions (without confusing me!). Had my now pearly whites cleaned and polished, and filled my cavity - all in one visit! I will never be worried about seeing the dentist again with a staff at Park South Dentistry! Thanks guys! See you all in 6 months J
Kyle S.
I have been going to Park South Dentistry for over 6 years and I'm very happy with the experience. I've had cavities filled / replaced and been fitted for a night guard during that time, and I've always found the staff professional and pleasant to deal with. The only knock I can think of is that their building needs twice the amount of elevators that it has (and they're at floor 13 of 14), so make sure to budget a few extra minutes to get to and from your appointment.
Fabio O.
I had my first appointment at Park South last week and I have to say I couldn't be more happy. Scheduling my appointment was seamless and convenient, the front desk was extremely nice and Dr. Patel was very thorough. I have bad memories from my home town dentist but Park South totally changed the way I feel about going to the dentist, looking forward to coming back every 6 months for my cleanings!
James S.
Park South Dentistry has been my go to dentist for a few years now. They have very friendly staff and top notch dentists and technicians. I started and have had some minor dental work completed and also twice a year cleanings. I very highly recommend this office!
Ben T.
I've been a patient of PSD and both Dr. Janash and Patel for nearly 10 years. In a city where MANY of my friends have experienced dentists pressuring them to get questionably necessary work done, Dr. Janash and his staff have always taken a more passive approach. In nearly a decade of care I have always felt informed and cared for. A stellar example of that was when a crown came undone three days before I was leaving the country for my wedding. Dr. Janash (who had JUST had a baby) came in on a Saturday when the office was closed for a repair. Opened the office just for me and reattached the crown. This is the attention to detail, service and care you'll get at PSD, which extends from the dentists to the hygienists to the front desk where Simi greets you with a smile each and every time you arrive.