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Tooth Pain Relief

Perhaps you experience dull, aching pain in your teeth and gums upon waking up in the morning. Maybe you feel a throbbing sensation when drinking hot or cold beverages, or sharp pain when biting down on hard foods. In addition, suppose you suffer from frequent headaches with radiating pain in your teeth that extend to your ears, face and jaw. When it comes to tooth pain, including pain in the face and jaw, there are dental-related causes as well as other considerations.

Dental related sources of tooth pain might include a loose filling or receding gums, a cracked tooth, trauma to the root of a tooth, an abscess, or grinding and clenching the teeth (Bruxism). Yet, the pain might be hard to pinpoint. For example, if a person clenches their teeth at night, they could experience tooth pain, jaw pain and facial pain the next day. Consequently, a sinus infection or virus may cause the pain to worsen. What’s more is that nerve diseases, drug abuse, vitamin deficiencies and malocclusion can also play a role in tooth pain. Ultimately, determining the source of one’s tooth or jaw pain is key to finding lasting relief.

As leading providers of comprehensive dentistry using the latest advancements in digital diagnostics and equipment, Park South Dentistry in New York City features a complete menu of toothache treatments. Depending on the severity and location of a patient’s pain, these may include placing a dental filling, a dental crown or performing root canal therapy. Periodontal therapy is also provided for those with gum disease, while restorative techniques can replace worn fillings that have broken down.

Treatment for Jaw Pain

When jaw pain accompanies tooth pain, it’s possible that a patient is experiencing symptoms of TMD or Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction. Other manifestations of TMD include chronic or migraine headaches, ringing in the ears, ear pain, neck pain and dizziness. For the most part, TMD is brought on when individuals grind or clench their teeth, and this condition is referred to as Bruxism. Interestingly, most individuals that “brux” their teeth are unaware, as this behavior often occurs at night during sleep. Even so, pain stemming from TMD can certainly affect one’s quality of life, and may even cause individuals to miss work.

Fortunately, Park South Dentistry is one of New York City’s premier practices for the diagnosis and treatment of TMD. We have helped countless patients find relief from jaw pain associated with TMD. Thus, when patients in Central Park and the Upper East Side need help determining the source of their jaw pain, or when they need lasting relief from TMD, Park South Dentistry remains a trusted provider that they can count on. Contact us today to schedule your appointment.

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