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Workers’ Comp Payments New York, NY

A Dentist that Accepts Workers’ Comp Payments

No one expects to get hurt on the job. Even when the job has certain risks involved, most employees feel they have the expertise and care to keep out of harm’s way. Though many people do, accidents still happen.

Most work-related injuries do not involve the mouth; however, many of those from the neck up do include some type of mouth trauma. Some also involve injury to the temporomandibular joint and can result in TMJ/TMD issues. The professionals at Park South Dentistry have expertise in handling these types of injuries.

Finding a dentist who accepts workers’ compensation claims is not always an easy task. Forms need to be filled out in a timely manner and there are specific protocols regarding treatment of injuries. These rules and regulations must be followed in order for the workers’ comp claim to be valid. The professionals at Park South Dentistry are familiar with these specifications and are happy to help with your workers’ comp claim for mouth trauma.

Was Your Mouth Injured on the Job?

If you sustained some type of mouth trauma while working, you are entitled to workers’ compensation to cover your medical expenses. There are many types of injuries which can occur in or around the mouth. These injuries can be the result of several types of accidents.

Vehicle accidents often involve some type of injury to the mouth or jaw. Some employees slip and fall which can result in a head injury and mouth trauma also. Accidents on construction sites, malfunctioning instruments or equipment on a job can cause a person to lose a tooth or teeth. Even workplace violence has resulted in mouth trauma for some employees.

It is important to have your mouth and jaw examined for any injuries, even when you think they may not be serious. This is especially the case if you sustained a blow to the mouth or jaw. Some injuries may only be detectable through X-ray or scans. The earlier you have your injuries properly diagnosed and treated, the better the outcome for recovery.

Any time you have sustained an injury at work that requires medical care and/or time off work because of trauma, you need to look into filing a workers’ compensation claim. When it comes to trauma of the mouth, selecting a dentist who is familiar with this process will help the procedure go smoothly.

After the injury itself has been adequately addressed, filing the claim is the next important step. It is important to remember that time is of the essence when filing a workers’ comp claim. Just as early intervention with addressing the injury is important, so is filing the claim.

Call Now – for help with Mouth Trauma, Cracked Teeth, TMJ, and Dental Implants!

Damaged teeth may require bonding, dental crowns or replacement. Teeth that have been broken off or cracked will need to be carefully examined in order to determine the best course of treatment. In some situations, a cracked or broken tooth may only need dental bonding to repair the damage. In other situations where the strength of the tooth has been compromised, it may be best to protect the repaired tooth with a dental crown.

When a tooth or teeth have been knocked out, replacement is required. A dental implant may be advised for replacing a missing tooth if the circumstances warrant it and if the patient is a good candidate for the procedure. Other replacement options may include a dental bridge or partial denture.

Trauma to the jaw must be properly diagnosed to determine the most efficient and effective treatment. Sometimes jaw trauma will not present immediately. For this reason, if you have had a blow to the head that involves the jaw, you should have your jaw examined. TMJ/TMD can be quite painful and cause headaches, neck aches and shoulder pain if not treated adequately.

Any mouth trauma you sustained while on the job will be treated with expertise and compassion at Park South Dentistry. We are familiar with the procedures for treatment of injuries in workers’ compensation cases as well as the procedures for filing workers’ comp claims. Contact Park South Dentistry for mouth trauma workers’ comp cases and all your dental needs.

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